New Ford Taurus Cruiser Unveiled in Chicago – Car Pro News

The Taurus-based police car has barely shown up in your rearview mirror yet, but that hasn’t stopped Ford from giving it the new, refreshed 2013 look.
The newly redone car was being shown off at the Chicago Auto Show, only appropriate since it is made at Ford’s Chicago factory. It’s interesting to check out all the cop-friendly features.
Most noticeable: The shifter moves from the center console to the steering wheel. It’s hardly three-on-a-tree, but it still looks decidedly retro. Ford’s marketing manager for police vehicles, Lisa Teed, says officers need the console clear for their computers.
The car has only rubber mats, not carpeting. The speedometer is basic, but must be certified for catching speeders. The car has steel wheels, nothing fancy. The front end has that 2013 look, but its own custom black grille with wide openings for extra air intake.
Our favorite feature is the “contraband box,” a little lockable cubby in the trunk. If it’s not holding cocaine, officers can lock their guns or small valuables in there when they visit jails.


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