New Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Boasts 366-Mile Range

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

There is a new king of the road when it comes to battery range. The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell.

Honda announced Monday that its new zero emissions sedan will offer a 366-mile range when it goes on sale later this year. That will make it the best range of any electric vehicle out there, beating out not only the Toyota Miria and the Tesla Model S P100D, but also the upcoming Chevy Bolt.

The Clarity also gets 68 miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent combined. Refueling takes three to five minutes.

honda clarity

The new 5-passenger, hydrogen-powered vehicle is due out by the end of 2016. Honda will initially start with $500 a month leases in select California markets. Honda will expand its dealer network as more hydrogen fueling stations are added to the network.

Tech innovations to the Clarity Fuel Cell include a fuel cell stack that is 33 percent more compact than its predecessor with a 60 percent increase in power density compared to the outgoing Honda FCX Clarity. The more compact fuel cell and integrated powertrain, comparable in size to a V-6 engine, now fit entirely under the hood of the car, so there is more room in the cabin.

Drivers have a choice of  black, white and signature red exterior paint schemes.


Photo Credit: Honda
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