New Lexus Tech Keeps Slow Drivers Out of Fast Lane


Life in the fast lane. Good in theory, but those annoying slow pokes who hang out in the left lane definitely didn’t get the memo. But leave it to Lexus to help out with that.

It’s introducing Lexus Lane ValetThe new vehicle to vehicle communication system allows cars to talk to each other and basically tell the other one to move outta the way.

You activate Lane Valet with a button on the dash. The car then scans the road ahead with next level advanced radar and cameras. It communicates with slower cars also hooked up to Lexus’ V2V system. The faster-moving car messages the slower moving one and triggers the auto-pilot system. It automatically turns on the turn signal and the slower car changes lanes autonomously, into the slower neighboring lane. Then the system disconnects.

Lexus claims automatic lane change helps “make the highway safe and more enjoyable for all parties.” Maybe. Except the passive-aggressive driver being shifted over. But again, the driver in the cute ad spot doesn’t look too peeved.

Lexus also notes the importance of appropriate highway speeds, with less braking, for reaching that maximum fuel efficiency. (Sammy we’re right there with you. Driving 55 just doesn’t cut it.)

“We’re just trying to give everyone the best possible drive experience,” said Brian Bolain, general manager, Lexus product and consumer marketing.

Lexus will offer Lane Valet as an available option across its lineup starting on April 1st. Of course at first, it won’t have many, if any, cars to communicate too. However, this shows the industry-wide push for V2V and autopilot to improve road travel.

Photo Credit: Lexus
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