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Bluebonnet, Primrose, and Texas Paintbrush. They’re all there. Growing along the bottom of these new official Texas license plates. The design, called Natural Texas, features the most popular wildflowers in Texas. Starting today, you can get Natural Texas at
10% of the base plate price goes to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation, official non-profit partner for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
With state agencies continuing to struggle with tight budgets, the Parks and Wildlife Department has been more focused on seeking additional ways to help fund agency initiatives and programs, including relying more on the Foundation’s ability to raise dollars from individuals, private foundations and corporations.
The Natural Texas plate can hold up to 7 characters. Its release is just in time for My Plates “7 FOR 7” event, October 8-15. 7-character plates will be available for only 7 days at the website.
In addition to supporting the great outdoors of Texas, the Natural Texas plates also benefit the State’s general revenue fund. A minimum of 35% of the total plate price goes directly into the general revenue fund.
The Natural Texas plates start at $55 a year. Personalization costs extra, depending on how many letters you use. Buying a 5 or 10-year plate gets you a better deal. You can give My Plates as a gift, and we even have layaway to help you budget costs.
Texans have bought more than 112,000 My Plates since November 2009, putting more than $12.3M in the general revenue fund, which helps pay for services for all Texans.

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  1. Thomas Drapela 6 years ago

    Since the State used to produce the personalized plates I wonder how much revenue they now give away to private companies? How much has the State lost out on since giving this business to private companies?

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