New Smart ForTwo Cabrio Drops Its Top

Smart Fortwo Cabrio

It’s official. America is getting a new version of the Smart Car. It’s the drop-top two seater Smart Fortwo Cabrio, a three-position soft top that will get its big public debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show and then go on sale next summer.

“Our new smart Cabrio really exudes the ‘joy of life’ in the city – which is what our brand stands for. I am sure that we will delight our present 220,000 cabrio customers and win lots of new fans with this successful lifestyle icon,” says Dr. Annette Winkler, Head of smart – now that’s a title!

The ForTwo Cabrio’s soft top is made of 19.4 square feet of tritop fabric that automatically fully lowers in 12 seconds from inside the car, even at top speeds, and can also be lowered using the remote keys from outside of the car. If you want the full droptop experience, the roof bars are removable and can be conveniently stashed in the tailgate. If it’s not a drop top kind of day though, the roof can remain up with its 0.8 inch thickness and rear heated windscreen made of glass.

The most noticeable change in the third generation Smart TwoFor is that it is four inches wider and now standing at 5.4 feet wide. The 8.8 foot long car is still clearly that of a compact vehicle for city folks, but the whole car appears to have gone to the gym with much more muscular lines.

The cabrio features the smart trademark silhouette with B pillars that sweep back and up from beneath the side doors, but that are now narrower for a sportier feel. The pug like front is also distinctly smart and features a honeycomb grille with rhombic headlamps that have LED Daytime Running Lights.

Under the smart hood, the cabrio gets the same three-cylinder engine of the coupe with 89 horsepower. It also offers five-speed manual or twinamic fully automatic dual clutch transmission.

Safety is achieved with the brands signature tridion safety cell and an overall 15 percent stronger torsional strength than the previous model. The cabrio also gets specific droptop safety features like two torsional bulkheads under the vehicle and an inner tube in the A-pillars made of high strength hot-formed steel. The automaker says the results are good with it meeting the safety requirements for both the mandatory crash tests and passing the crash test of its umbrella brand, Mercedes-Benz.

It’s confirmed to launch in the U.S. in the summer of 2016, but could arrive in some markets earlier. 

Photo Credit: Smart
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