New Year’s Is One of Top Holidays for Car Thefts

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Two of the biggest holidays for vehicle thefts are just around the corner: New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. They are among the top five holidays targeted by car thieves according to new data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Researchers looked at 2016 theft numbers. 22,705 vehicles were stolen over the 11 holidays included in the report. (Overall in 2016, a total of 803,719 vehicles ended up in the wrong hands.)

As you can see from the chart below, Halloween was the top holiday for vehicle thefts. Next up, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, and New Year’s Eve.

Credit: NICB

The good news is your car isn’t as likely to get stolen on Christmas Day, Thanksgiving or on Valentine’s Day. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen so keep it locked and secure.

2016 Holiday Theft Rankings

Here’s the complete list of holidays ranked by the number of thefts in 2016:

1. Halloween (2,578)
2. Labor Day (2,258)
3. New Year’s Day (2,242)
4. Memorial Day (2,139)
5. New Year’s Eve (2,110)
6. Independence Day (2,086)
7. Christmas Eve (2,054)
8. President’s Day (2,008)
9. Valentine’s Day (1,789)
10. Thanksgiving (1,777)
11. Christmas Day (1,664)

States With Most Vehicle Thefts

California is tops when it comes to vehicle thefts (5,285.) Texas is next (2,121), followed by Florida (1,397), Washington (889) and Georgia (763).

Anti-Theft Tips

  • No matter what the day of the year, always lock your car and remove your valuables to deter thieves.
  • Park in a garage of an area that’s well lit. Parking where you know there are security cameras also can’t hurt.
  • Install an anti-theft system if your car doesn’t have one, like a steering wheel lock mechanism or ignition cut-off system.
  • Don’t ever keep your title in the car. It will only help thieves because they’ll have easy access to it.
  • You can also have your VIN number etched on all the windows. Thieves won’t want to go through the expense of having all that glass replaced and could opt to leave your car alone.

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