New Z06 Zero-to-Sixty in 3 Seconds

3. . .2. . .1. That’s how quick the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is. Actually, it’s a little quicker.
2015 Z06Chevy says the 650-horse Corvette Z06 equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission can hit the 60 mph mark in 2.95 sec, and cover a quarter-mile in 10.95 seconds at a top speed of 127 mph.
Fitted with a 7-speed manual, those numbers jump to 3.2 and 11.2, also at 127 mph — still nothing to sneeze at. Sneezes travel at 100 mph, by the way.
Any way you slice it, the $78,995 Z06 is pretty much the quickest American car ever and the only car under $100,000 that can break the 3.0 second barrier on its factory equipped tires.
Apparently that’s what 650 lb-ft of torque courtesy of a supercharged. 6.2-liter V8 pushing just 3524 pounds will do for you.
Math, we love it!


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