NICB: Car Thefts Slightly Up On Halloween


You’re not alone if you’re one of those people who hides their Halloween candy. Candy theft poses a real danger among friends and families alike. But you really should be hiding your car. Turns out Halloween makes a great holiday for car thieves.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau recently started studying just how many cars get napped over Halloween. The Bureau has been tracking car theft for over 100 years. The new study marks the first Halloween investigation though.

NICB pulled data from the National Crime Information Center. It analyzed the Stolen Vehicle Files from 2011 – 2015 for October 31st. Well, more than just the neighborhood kids get creepy on Halloween. The daily number of stolen cars seems to go up on Halloween.

The study calculated the daily average for each year. It then compared the average to the number stolen on Halloween. Between 2011 and 2015 four of the five years had a number higher than the average for Halloween. 2012 came in slightly below its average.

The data does show a norm for a higher number on Halloween. But the numbers don’t peak high enough above the daily average to prove car stealing on Halloween goes up in connection with the holiday. It couldn’t hurt though to put your car in the garage tonight. After all, egging still happens and that certainly happens more on this tricky treaty day. Check out theses Car Pro’s tips if your unlucky car happens to become the unlucky target.

halloween car thefts

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/The Dealers
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