Nissan Altima Drivers Complain About Rusted-Out Floorboards

Nissan Rust NBC News

Unlike in an episode of The Flintstones, putting your feet to the pavement isn’t the preferred method of motoring around these days. But some Nissan drivers are growing dangerously close to doing just that due to rusted-out floorboards in their older model 2002-2006 Nissan Altima’s.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reportedly received more than 400 complaints from drivers about rust and corrosion that’s so bad,  it’s created big holes in the floorboards. In some cases, they are so severely corroded, you can see clear through to the ground, as shown in one report airing on NBC News.  If they aren’t careful, drivers could find their feet nearly touching the ground when they put their foot to the gas pedal.

“I’m not Fred Flintstone. This is not a good thing,” Marie DeMaria, a Chicago-area realtor, told NBC News after her mechanic examined the corrosion on the floor pan of her 2005 Altima. “This is not safe. I drive every day for a living. This is very nerve-racking for me to be driving now.”

You don’t have to Google long to find online posts from unhappy Altima owners who are frustrated over what they call a safety issue. One such driver has even started a Twitter account @NissanRust to hear from other owners and retweet investigation reports, like the one below from WBZ-TV CBS Boston.

So far, Nissan has not issued a recall and the automaker doesn’t seem to consider it a hazard. According to NBC News, Nissan released a statement saying, “This issue is not considered a safety defect by Nissan or the government agency that administers safety recalls.”

Meanwhile, Nissan did recently expand a recall of newer model 2013-2015 Altima’s for a separate issue involving faulty hood latches. The recall affects about more than 600,000 vehicles with a secondary latch that may get stuck in the open position. If that happens, the hood could suddenly fly open while the car is moving.  Nissan says it hasn’t had any reports of injuries or crashes related to the problem, but there have been a few hoods that have flown up and damaged cars. The hood latch recall expands on a problem noticed last October. As of early March, Nissan hadn’t announced a fix for the problem.

Photo Credit: NBC News
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