Nissan Enlists Graffiti Artists To Create Glow Juke

glow juke

We already know Nissan has a thing for glow-in-the-dark. It came out with a glowing Nissan LEAF in the Netherlands last year. Well, now the JUKE is also getting into the action.

Nissan recently enlisted the help of Melbourne, Australia graffiti artists to create two glow-in-the-dark JUKEs, otherwise dubbed the #glowjuke.

Basically, the artists, Josh Meyer, Josh Brown and Chris Le, accepted Nissan’s challenge to re-imagine the JUKE by turning it into an interactive canvas.

Nissan wrapped two JUKEs with a special glow-in-the-dark skin and then told them to have at it with black paint and pens. (Meyer and Brown, known as Snake Hole, worked as one team.)

ARTIST: Josh Meyer and Josh Brown (Snake Hole)

“Our initial impression when we saw the JUKE was it had snake-like characteristics. The grill, headlights and long smooth lines resonated immediately with us. We decided to create a series of snakes that traced the shapes and features of the JUKE. We utilized negative space, so that the snakes were glowing, and everything else would be blacked out.”

ARTIST: Chris Le
NAME OF PIECE: Journey to the West

“One of my favorite TV shows as a kid was the Monkey Magic series. Since it is the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese lunar calendar, I thought it would be fitting to depict Monkey and his friends on their journey to the West. Obviously an Asian themed illustration must include dragons since they are a big part of the culture, so it was only natural to draw epic dragons weaving past the character on the car.”

Photo Credit: Nissan
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