Nissan Has a PSA For You: Watch Your Car For Cats

Nissan would like to remind you to check for cats under the hood, and has created a new public service announcement about it in Japan.

“Cats are cute but they can be a bit clumsy,” says a video, released in Japanese for the campaign, as a montage plays of felines playing, relaxing, and generally acting adorable. “They love keeping themselves warm. They even sneak under car hoods during the cold of winter,” it continues.

Cats often like to cozy up to cars because of the heat generated from their engines, and the fact that automobiles have numerous nooks and crannies to in which hide from the elements. Another montage shows cats cradled behind grilles, in wheel wells, and even ones that have managed to climb on top of an engine under a closed hood.

So how does one keep from harming these creatures? The campaign is called Knock Knock Cats (there is even a hashtag, #KnockKnockCats) and asks drivers to tap on the hood of the car loudly before firing up the ignition. That should scare away any stray animals that may have taken refuge under the hood of your car.

“We hope this movie helps people to realize that the little efforts can save precious lives and encourage more people to knock on car hoods,” says the video.

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