Nissan Unveils Futuristic BladeGlider EV in Rio

nissan bladeglider concept

The Olympics aren’t the only thing going down in Rio de Janeiro this month. Nissan will unveil a star all its own. The automaker is turning its ‘green’ dreams into reality with the reveal of its futuristic BladeGlider EV. 

Nissan calls it a ‘working’ prototype. The original concept appeared three years ago at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show. Nissan’s whole idea was to combine zero-emissions with high-performance in a revolutionary sports car design.  The “glide” in BladeGlider alludes to its “near-silent” electric powertrain and aerodynamic shape.

Nissan really did make the design radical. It’s narrow with an almost indy car-like front end. The driver’s seat sits in the middle as the only front seat. (So no calling shotgun.) The two back seats flank both sides of it in a triangle layout. It gives passengers plenty of legroom. Each seat also comes with a great panoramic view thanks to the seamless cockpit windscreen.

The dihedral door and roofless design with integrated roll-over bars add to the rad. The interior offers both a Cyber Green and Stealth Orange color trims. Both trims add green or orange to the upper part of the seat backs and are complemented with a base of patterned black material with the matching color for the trim.

The glide comes from a five module lithium-ion 220kW battery with two 130kW motors for the rear wheels. It stays cool with a bespoke system. Nissan gives it a top speed rating 115 mph and a 0-60 mph time of under 5 seconds.

Because there’s no dash and the front is so narrow, Nissan put the controls on the steering wheel. These feed into a high-tech screen that displays speed, battery level, regeneration mode, and torque map. Screens on both sides of the main display give the driver rearview camera views.

Nissan will display two models in Rio. One of them will give rides to VIPs. 

nissan bladeglider concept

Nissan unveils the working prototype of its futuristic BladeGlider vehicle. It combines zero-emissions with high-performance in a revolutionary sports car design. 

nissan bladeglider concept

The Nissan BladeGlider concept, developed from concept cars first shown at the Tokyo Auto Show in 2013, is being shown off in Brazil to symbolize future technologies that will combine Intelligent Mobility, environmentally friendly impact and sports-car driving capabilities.

Photo Credit: Nissan
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