Say Goodbye to Stick Shift Ferraris


Enthusiasts who want to pick up a new Ferrari with a manual transmission are out of luck. The newly independent Italian brand has confirmed that it has axed the shift-it-yourself gearbox from its lineup.

A majority of the cars that leave the Ferrari factory are equipped with an automatic transmission, but the company explained that lack of demand isn’t what pushed it to kill the manual. Instead, it insists its cars are simply faster when they’re equipped with only two pedals.

“Ferrari is design, performance and state-of-the-art technologies. There’s no manual transmission that can beat this performance and therefore we have decided to stay on the double-clutch gearbox,” explained Michael Hugo Leiter, Ferrari’s chief technology office, in an interview with MotorAuthority.

Ferrari isn’t the first sports car manufacturer to bid farewell to manual transmissions and beautiful gated shifters. Archrivals Lamborghini and McLaren have already come to that conclusion and neither has ever looked back.

However, Aston Martin is committed to building cars with a manual transmission for as long as possible, and Porsche recently made a similar promise.

Photo Credit: NewspressUSA
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