NY High School Students Restore 1956 Ford F-100

ESM Spartan Garage F-100

Nothing like getting a little grease between your fingers to really learn how cars work. That is definitely the case when it comes to a unique course at a New York high school where students get the chance to restore some really cool cars and trucks. This year, it happens to be a 1956 F-100.

The 60-year-old model had quite a journey before ending up in the hands of students at the Spartan Garage at ESM Central High School in East Syracuse. It needed a lot of restoration work, including 21st century updates and a new paint job.

According to ESM: “The 60-year-old vehicle started as a blue Ford F-100 in California, presumably owned by hippies who, for unknown reasons, converted everything on the inside to Chrysler products. It was next owned by a plumber who covered the unique 8-foot bed with a walk-in cap for use as a work truck. The following owner changed the entire vehicle back to Ford parts. “

That’s where a guy named Michael Stoutenger of Plattsburgh, NY stepped into the picture. He bought the ’56 F-100 from a friend.

“I only had it a year. I planned to work on it, but didn’t have good storage for it and just didn’t have enough time, so I put it up for sale,” Stoutenger said.

ESM automotive technology teacher Ryan Beckley bought the truck piece by piece and brought it all to the Spartan Garage for students to restore.

The truck now sports Rainforest Green Metallic paint. The students also brought it into the 21st century by adding air conditioning, power windows, power steering, and power brakes. Under the hood, they replaced the 292-cubic-inch V8 with a 302 with Edelbrock intake and a four-barrel carburetor.

The truck will be raffled off July 17th after it wraps up a tour at the Syracuse Nationals car show. Proceeds from the sale are used on next year’s project, with a portion also set aside for scholarships.

Photo Credit: ESM Spartan Garage/Facebook
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