Official: 2017 BMW i3 Gets Price Hike, More Range

2017 bmw i3 range

BMW’s first electric car will get a sorely needed range boost come this summer.

We say sorely needed because the BMW i3’s current 81-mile range is one of its main criticisms. These days the going acceptable range is more in the 110- to 120-mile ballpark, and that’s where you find the 2016 Nissan Leaf and the upcoming 2017 VW e-Golf  and 2017 Ford Focus Electric.

BMW knows about the i3’s range problem all too well, so the 2017 BMW i3 94Ah as it’s now called, comes with a higher density battery that boosts range up to 114-miles.

BMW officially announced all of the i3 updates Friday, including the fact it will cost a few grand more than the outgoing model. But that’s not surprising given the battery upgrade.

2017 bmw i3 battery 94h

The 2017 i3 95Ah runs $44,595, up from the current model’s $42,400 price tag. If you have range anxiety, you can opt for the range extender option for $48,445.

Standard equipment on the i3 now includes 19-inch wheels and advanced real-time traffic info. BMW will also make DC Fast ChargeNow available for free for two years. 

Drivers can also now opt for some cool options, like a moonroof. Plus, the 2017 i3 is now offered in Protonic Blue and with Dark Oak Wood Trim. (The i8 will be offered in a new Protonic Red Edition.)

BMW also recently announced it won a contract bid to supply the LA Police Department with 100 i3s. They won’t be used in chase scenarios, but for department business and community outreach.

Photo Credit: BMW
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