One Lucky Raccoon and a Self-Driving Chevrolet Bolt

raccoon chevrolet bolt

What happened to the city-dwelling raccoon that crossed the street? Well, in this case, it gets away thanks to a self-driving Chevrolet Bolt.

The raccoon who lived to see another day harkens from San Francisco, where Cruise Automation, now owned by GM, is conducting autonomous vehicle testing. This particular test drive occurred at night.

When you check out the video you can see the raccoon scurrying across the road at 2:38. The Chevy Bolt appears to slow down for it without any driver intervention.

Right now, GM and Cruise are testing their autonomous technology in San Francisco, Detroit and Scottsdale, Arizona.  Someone sits at the wheel ready to take over if necessary, while a passenger rides in the back taking notes.

GM bought Cruise Automation in March 2016.

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