Pandora Has 2.5 Million Car Users

PandoraBy year’s end, more than 100 new models from 23 brands will offer Pandora internet radio, the Oakland, Calif., company said. Bloomberg News reports Pandora’s in-car listeners topped 2.5 million, a milestone that drove the company stock to its largest increase since March 8. The company has more than 70 million monthly users.

Technically, almost any car with Bluetooth audio streaming (or just an auxiliary jack) can stream Pandora or any other music, audiobook or podcast app through the stereo. Full Pandora integration, however, enables actions like selecting one of your stations or giving a song thumbs-up (or down) through steering wheel controls, a multimedia touch-screen or voice commands — while your smartphone stays out of sight.

Pandora integration comes standard on cars as affordable as the Honda Civic, and it’s ubiquitous among app-suite packages like Toyota’s Entune or Ford’s Sync AppLink. Pandora projects integration in a third of all new cars sold in the U.S. this year, the company told Bloomberg.
Integration began with Ford in 2010; now the company expects to expand to Ram, Jeep, Dodge, Infiniti and Kia, Bloomberg reports.


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