Patriotic Video Responses

I have had an overwhelming response to this very moving song that would make anyone proud to be an American. Here are a few of the many emails I received. If you missed it, just click on this link to see My Name is America:

Mike from Carrollton, TX wrote:

Jerry, I want to thank you for putting the YouTube video “My Name is America” by Todd Allen Herendeen in this week’s newsletter. I travel internationally for my companies and it is great to have it on my laptop so I can play it anytime I like. I travel to countries that do not allow YouTube and each time I return to the USA I thank GOD that I was born here and I am an AMERICAN. In my humble opinion EVERYONE that is a citizen of the USA should have a copy and view it weekly. This country is currently going through some difficult times but this video can help bring up the spirits of anyone in the great country. I try to listen to the Car Pro Show weekly on Saturday mornings as I do my lawn/house work and you always have some interesting information for us motorheads. Kevin & you keep up the good work and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Mike from Phoenix, AZ wrote:


Thank you for the America video. I retired from the Army back in 1995 and my son medically retired due to injuries sustained from the war. As I said, a big THANK YOU for your support of our troops. May GOD Bless You and yours. Love the show.

FREEDOM: For Those Who fought it Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know. Amen.

GOD BLESS the finest nation on earth.

Thank you….


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