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Driverless carsPeople apparently still don’t trust high technology.
In a recent Harris Poll of 2,039 adults, 88 percent said they would be worried about riding in an autonomous, driverless car.
Automakers and others have been working on autonomous technology for years that has already made the vehicles a possibility. In fact, many are being tested now on roads in certain states.
The vehicles use multiple cameras, radar, GPS and sophisticated computers to steer and stop. Industry observers expect autonomous cars to be a reality by 2020 or sooner.
The Harris Poll found that 88 percent of respondents would fear riding in an autonomous car and 79 percent worried that the car’s equipment would fail.
More than half – 59 percent – also fretted about liability issues, such as who would be held responsible if a driverless car were involved in an accident.
Moreover, 52 percent expressed concern that hackers might breach an autonomous car’s computers and gain control, and 37 percent worried that automakers, insurers and municipalities would collect personal data about their car’s speed and destinations.


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