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Police SUVMore police cars aren’t cars.
Ford reports it is receiving about as many orders for its Ford Explorer crossover customized as a police cruiser as its alternative big car, a version of the Ford Taurus.
The interest in the SUV is apparently another outgrowth of the death of the Ford Crown Victoria, the big, rear-wheel drive that was the nation’s most popular police cruiser. Apparently, more departments have decided they need the space of an SUV, possibly because in a post 9/11 world, there’s a lot more equipment to carry.
“With the Police Interceptor utility representing half of our police orders, it is evident our two-vehicle strategy was on target, and our engineering team designed this vehicle specifically for the police market,” says Gerry Koss, Ford fleet marketing manager, in a statement.
In order to capture more of the SUV market among police agencies, Ford is going to offer it with one of its more sophisticated engines, 365-horsepower 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6.
While Ford is selling more SUVs, there is no indication that the same is happening at its two competitors for the police market, Chevrolet and Dodge. Chevrolet is making inroads with the big, rear-wheel-drive Caprice that it imports from Australia, and Chrysler continues to sell a police version of the Charger.


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