Police Discover Car-Based Meth Lab In Wal-mart Parking Lot

meth lab florida walmart

Sure it looks innocent enough from the outside. But police in Florida found something far more interesting than holiday gifts or groceries in the back of an SUV at a Wal-mart store this weekend.  They found a methamphetamine lab.

A suspect is under arrest after police found a ‘one-pot operation’ in the back of the vehicle on Saturday. It all started when deputies with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s department headed to the scene to check out a shoplifting incident. Officers say Wal-Mart employees noticed a man making multiple trips to his car with stolen items.

When officers arrived and apprehended the suspect, they soon discovered a whole lot more was going on.

They were hit by the tell-tale fumes when they opened the suspect’s trunk to search for stolen goods. (They found nearly $2,000 worth of stolen items by the way.)  But the big news was the bucket containing an “active meth cook.”

The unexpected fumes sent four Sheriff’s Office deputies to the hospital, and all were treated and released. The area as well as the suspect had to be decontaminated as well.   According to the Sheriff’s Office, the suspect isn’t the vehicle’s owner.

Photo Credit: St. Johns County Sheriff’s Department

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