Poll: Do You Trust Self-Driving Cars?

volvo self-driving study

So how ready are you for a vehicle to drive you around, all by itself.

If you live in California and New York, you probably wish those days were here already. But if you live in Texas, Illinois and Pennsylvania, you could stand to wait awhile. At least those are the results of a new Volvo Future of Driving survey.

Nine out of ten New Yorkers and 86 percent of Californians surveyed think autonomous cars will make their lives easier. But people in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Texas are less convinced about the safety benefits.

Residents in Pennsylvania, Illinois and Texas are less convinced than the average consumer about the safety benefits of autonomous driving. Only about half, or 52 percent, of Illinois respondents would trust an autonomous car to make decisions about safety, 10 percent less than the national average. Similarly, only 62 percent of Pennsylvanians think that having more autonomous cars on the road will eliminate traffic accidents versus a national average of 68 percent.

Texans are the most cautious of those surveyed. Only 60 percent of people polled in the Lone Star State believe autonomous cars could keep their family safer, compared to 69 percent of people across the nation.

Overall, Volvo says 68 percent of people still want to be able to take the wheel and drive themselves if they want to. Volvo polled nearly 50,000 people in its study.

One thing nearly everyone agreed on in Volvo’s poll is that regulators need to move faster when it comes to regulating autonomous driving. Volvo says 90 percent of respondents believe governments and local authorities are slow to plan for autonomous cars.

Photo Credit: Volvo
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