Porsche Panamera Wagon Won’t Arrive In U.S. Until 2018

porsche panamera wagon

Porsche is betting that Americans will finally get on the bandwagon. Literally. As in, Porsche is planning to sell its upcoming Panamera Wagon here in America. It’s not expected for another two years though.

Automotive News reports this tidbit of long-awaited news, as confirmed by U.S. brand chief Klaus Zellmer.

The wagon variant will be based on the new second-generation Panamera which will debut in Paris this September. The regular Panamera will go on sale in Europe shortly afterward and then arrive at American dealerships in early 2017.

Porsche has teased us with its idea of a Panamera wagon ever since debuting the Sport Turismo concept car at the 2012 Paris Auto Show.

porsche panamera wagon

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept

“We have to have some patience for [the wagon] to arrive in the U.S.,” says Zellmer, CEO of Porsche Cars North America. “But we are confident that this car will be well received here, despite the fact that this country doesn’t really like hatchbacks or wagons.”

Europe, and especially Germany, loves its wagons, but America not so much. Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW only bring a scant few of their wagon variants to U.S. shores based on overall lack of demand.

Porsche has more up its sleeve, too.  According to Automotive News, Zellmer says the automaker is also considering a five-seat Panamera. U.S. dealers would love that one, since they say they are losing shoppers to other brands looking for a fifth seat.

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