Porsche Plans to Take On Tesla With 2018 Pajun

It looks like Porsche has some big plans when it comes to taking on Tesla. The automaker is reportedly planning to build the 2018 Pajun electric car to take on the the rival Model S and BMW 5 Series. It will be a smaller version of the Panamera and offered as both an electric and limited fuel cell version.

Pajun, short for “Panamera Junior,”  is expected to take its design cues from the Panamera Sport Turismo. It’ll be based off the MSB platform used in the new Panamera and Bentley models. The EV is expected to have an adapted version of this platform to accommodate the batteries and rear mounted motor. The EV is also expected to have a distinguishing front and rear design.

Autocar reports that based off the patents that were filed in December, this powertrain will be part of the ‘eMSB’ structure and will help stiffen the rear of the car while providing more overall rigidity and resilience in impact performance. The front is also designed to be equally rigid for safety, suspension control, and handling.

The electric powertrain will take its cues from the one used in the Audi R8 e-tron with each rear wheel receiving power separately. However, the Porsche version will be more advanced, to give it the oomph it needs to go up against the Tesla Model S.

No official numbers yet for the Pajun’s range and horsepower, however it’s likely to be on par with Tesla’s 420 hp and 265-mile cruising range. However, there are hopes that the Porsche will leave the Tesla in its electric dust with 600 horsepower and a 300-mile cruise range.

The standard Pajun is expected to join class with such cars as the BMW 5 Series and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and could arrive in either late 2017 or early 2018 followed by a limited edition fuel cell version.

Porsche is also said to be developing its own charging system for the EV that will allow the battery pack to be topped off without cables and heavy-duty sockets in drivers homes.

The EV is set to target the West Coast, aka California, just like the Toyota Mirai fuel cell which Toyota just announced will go on sale in California this October. It’s also expected to do well in Chinese cities and other high end Asian markets. Until then, look to see other carmakers making the jump into the emerging battery and fuel cell segments.

Photo Credit: Porsche
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