Porsche Revives 718 Name, Hits Sales Milestone

718 porsche boxster

Porsche revives the 718 name

Surprise, surprise. Porsche is renaming its mid-engine sports cars. No longer will they simply be the Boxster and Cayman. The next-generation models arriving next year will both get the heralded 718 badging.

The iconic 718 name has a long and storied history with the automaker. It started out in the late 50s as a successor to the legendary Porsche 550 Spyder. It spawned a few variants over the years like the RSK and the eight-cylinder W-RS along with some Formula 1 racers. (By the way, Porsche recently introduced the Cayman GT4 for the racetrack.) The surprising thing is that, until now, it’s always stood for the company’s racing vehicles. All of those vehicles are quite different from the road ready Boxster and Cayman.

So why the name change now? Well, Porsche is timing it with the introduction of its new turbocharged four-cylinder engines that are coming to the mid-engined line. The engine will come amidship just like the current cars.

As far as pricing goes, Porsche is turning that model upside down, too. The new 718 Boxster will cost more than the 718 Cayman. Right now, a base Cayman costs $500 more than a standard Boxster.

Porsche Hits  200,000+ Milestone in 2015

Bringing back the 718 badging isn’t the only news out of Porsche today. The automaker is also celebrating a banner sales year thanks in large part to the Cayenne SUV.

The automaker announced Wednesday that for the first time ever, it’s sold over 200,000 vehicles in a single year. Make that 209,894 vehicles through November 2015 to be exact. The number is up 24% from 2014 deliveries during the same time period

Porsche says the Cayenne has played a big part it in it, calling it a “best seller” this year. The automaker delivered nearly 70,000 Cayenne’s this year globally. That’s an increase of 14 percent over the year before.

Photo Credit: Porsche


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