Post-Super Bowl Ad Analysis

Maserati GhibliNow that this year’s Super Bowl commercial frenzy is over, what did automakers get for the $133,333 they plunked down for each second of airtime?

Automotive News gathered postgame Web traffic results from car shopping Web sites and other data providers to see which spots moved the needle. Here are some highlights.

-Hyundai’s 30-second “Dad’s Sixth Sense” spot for the redesigned Genesis sedan and its automatic braking feature was the top-rated auto spot in the USA Today Ad Meter, the granddaddy of Super Bowl commercial rankings. It was also the only automotive spot in the meter’s top 10.

Search traffic for the Genesis on jumped nine fold during the hour the commercial aired from the prior hour, while consideration of the Genesis on rose 59 percent compared with the car’s average consideration levels during the four Sundays before the game. shoppers flocked to Kia K900 pages on the site after Kia’s “The Truth” spot that alluded to The Matrix feature films. Kia’s luxury sedan registered a whopping 7,100 percent increase in consideration compared with its average from the four previous Sundays, by far the largest increase on the site for a Super Bowl-advertised nameplate.

Edmunds says the K900 was the site’s most-considered vehicle on Super Bowl Sunday and the day after, even though the car doesn’t go on sale until next month.

Shoppers on couldn’t see the K900, because the car isn’t on the site yet, but shoppers checked out the Kia Cadenza instead, giving it a 72 percent increase in traffic.

-Fiat’s 90-second opus for the Maserati Ghibli must have jolted Super Bowl watchers, as the vehicle helped Maserati to the biggest jump in brand-search traffic on and of any auto marque advertised in the Super Bowl.

Maserati brand searches increased eightfold on during the hour that Maserati’s “Strike” spot aired, compared with the previous hour, while searches for the Ghibli jumped more than 40-fold. On, Maserati brand searches rose more than fivefold from average levels of the four previous Sundays, the biggest boost of any brand that day.

TrueCar doesn’t yet have a vehicle page for the Ghibli, but interest spilled over to its stablemates: The Quattroporte and GranTurismo had the largest increases in search traffic on on Super Bowl Sunday.

Larry Dominique, executive vice president of TrueCar, acknowledged that it’s common for lesser-known or exotic vehicles to get large percentage spikes in traffic. More notable are the mainstream or high-volume nameplates that manage a Super Bowl bounce.

-The Ford Fusion Energi had a 71 percent lift in search traffic at TrueCar, while Fusion Hybrid searches more than doubled at and

-The Toyota Highlander had searches increase 12 percent at Edmunds, 81 percent at and 35 percent at TrueCar.


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