Prius Not Popular With Car Thieves

As if there weren’t enough practical reasons to buy a Toyota Prius hybrid, here’s another: It’s apparently so dorky that thieves won’t steal it.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau says despite its popularity, the Prius has a much lower theft rate than other cars and a much higher recovery rate. Could that mean that even when it’s stolen, thieves can’t wait to give it back?

The 2008-2010 Toyota Prius had a much lower theft rate, one in 606 vehicles reported stolen, than the average for all 2008-2010 models, one in 78 vehicles reported stolen, says the NICB, the insurance fraud investigation arm of the industry.

Some 2,439 Toyota Priuses were reported stolen in the U.S. between Sept. 4, 2000, and June 30, 2012. The NICB says “there has been a general increase each year in the number of Prius thefts, with the exception of 2009, which had a drop from the year before. It also appears that 2012 is also on track to have fewer Prius thefts than occurred in 2011.”

No surprise here: The states with the most Prius thefts happen to be the most populous or Sunbelt states where the car is popular. They include California (1,062), Florida (127), New York (111), Washington (92) and Texas (89).


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