Mercedes’ Project ONE Hypercar Starts at $2.7 Million

mercedes-AMG project one

The latest car on my list of future dream cars to test drive, and own if I marry rich, is the new Mercedes-AMG Project ONE showcar.  The next generation hypercar combines Formula 1 power with breathtaking design and a plug-in hybrid system. And the best part? It’s street legal.

Mercedes-AMG unveiled its long awaited $2.7 million hypercar at this month’s Frankfurt Auto Show.

The ‘ONE’ designates the fact it carries the most up-to-date Formula 1 hybrid technology. Meaning the supercar delivers 1,000-horsepower and a top speed over 217 mph. The integration of this super hybrid tech into a street car hints at what Mercedes-Benz sees for its future lineup.

Mercedes considers the Formula one-inspired car to also be a daily driver, but this is definitely more of a car for showing off than commuting. It’s so low to the ground, getting it out of the driveway would elicit some scrapes.

It seats two in amazing sports people holders that seem in a league above being just seats. They’re like an extension of the human form. Cradling passenger and driver in a form fitting design which will come in handy because for the Project ONE going from 0-60 is so last season. Mercedes says it goes from 0 to 125 mph in under six seconds.

It brings it all with a comparatively puny 1.6-liter V6 engine. It’s the four added turbocharged electric motors that create the power surge. Two of the four are on the front axle, for the potential to recharge 80 percent of the battery system with the brakes.

The models advanced technology is likely to trickle down into more affordable models in the coming years. Especially the special thermal efficiency system. It gets a rating of 40 percent and burns gas more efficiently than today’s average engine. Note that on electric alone, though, it only goes around 16 miles; perfect for those sneaky trips to Dairy Queen for a dipped cone.

It is not a one off, but Mercedes-AMG will only build 275 of these supercars (and yes they are all already spoken for in case you were wondering.) They’ll go for $2.72 million each. Yep. I’ll just drool over the pictures thanks.

Photo Credit: Mercedes
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