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Rabbits Attack at Denver AirportRascally rabbits are ripping up wiring inside cars parked at Denver International Airport, prompting parking lot owners to scatter dried pellets of coyote urine around to keep the rabbits at bay.

Wildlife officials remove about 100 rabbits a month from the long-term parking areas, according to KCNC CBS Denver. The bunnies are attracted to warm engines, and find cars’ wiring systems to be simply delicious. Almost as tasty the carrots in Mr. McGregor’s garden.

Denver International Airport says the claims are greatly exaggerated. In a Tweet to AOL Autos, an airport official said that in 2012 there were just three claims made for rabbit damage. That’s out of 4.3 million parking transactions that year.

At USAirport Parking, the crews are scattering dried coyote and fox urine pellets, installing new fencing that makes it harder for the bunnies to burrow under, and putting up raptor perches to attract hawks and eagles.

Mechanics in Denver are able to identify the culprits by the hair and pellets they leave behind, the TV station reported.

Animals like rabbits, squirrels, cats, rats and even ants are often not covered by car insurance, and depending on which wiring system is affected, the damage can cost thousands of dollars. Collision insurance covers accidents with another vehicle, and comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by other types of accidents. Not all comprehensive plans include damage caused by acts of nature, like trees falling on your car or animals taking up residence under your hood, so check with your insurer to see what’s covered. Especially if you plan to park at the Denver International Airport.


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