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Happy Fatherís Day From The Car Pro Show
   Published June 18, 2021
Fatherís Day is considered extremely important as it helps to acknowledge the contribution of fathers to individual families and to societies at large. Besides, observance of Fatherís Day provides children an opportunity to express love and respect for their fathers. The sentiment goes a long way in strengthening father-child relationship and consequently in the emotional development of a child.

The idea of celebrating Fatherís Day was given by Ms. Sonora Dodd, a loving daughter from  Read More
The Car Pro Show Salute To Veterans
   Published May 26, 2021
As we observe Veterans Day on November 11, in honor of all who have served in our Armed Forces, and those who serve today, we offer this Tribute to Veterans, and say thank you for your service to America from all of us at the Car Pro Show.  Read More
Kevinís Famous Holiday Recipes
   Published May 25, 2021
We always put these recipes in the newsletter around Thanksgiving and Christmas, so with turkey day just a few weeks away, it might be time to plan ahead.

Just a little history, back from the days when Kevin had a Monday through Friday show, he had three recipes he gave out every holiday season and still to this day gets many requests for them.

There are the famous Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes, David Wadeís ďturkey in a bagĒ and last, but not least, David Wadeís Rock Salt Prime Rib! Bon  Read More
It Is National Police Week: Our Tribute
   Published May 13, 2021
At CarProUSA, we do our best to honor the police officers who keep us safe every day of the year. On this National Police Week, we thank you and we thank your families. You leave your homes not knowing if you are coming home later.

In this age where people gun down officers for no apparent reason, we say THANK YOU for what you do.   Read More
Houston Summer Auto Show Runs May 19-23rd
   Published May 13, 2021
The countdown is on to the Houston Summer Auto Show! It kicks off next Wednesday and if you can get there, youíll see some great new vehicles that include the Ford Bronco, Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Kia Carnival. The show runs May 19 - 23rd at Houstonís NRG Center.

The countdown is on to the Houston Summer Auto Show! It kicks off next Wednesday and if you can get there, youíll see some great new vehicles that include the Ford Bronco, Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Kia Carnival. The show runs May 19 - 23rd at Houstonís NRG Center.

Itís the first time the 38 annual event has been held during the summer, plus for the first time it will include a RV and boat display. The auto show was postponed earlier in  Read More
Celebrating Mother's Day: A Tribute To Special Moms
   Published May 6, 2021
Food for thought: Perhaps the best gift you can give your Mom is not flowers or a gift, but instead just tell her how you feel about her. Thatís what these people did and I think youíll agree, it is compelling.  Read More
Car Pro Guide to Navigating Auto Shows
   Published April 16, 2021
One of the many casualties of Covid-19 last year was auto shows. But weíre beginning to see their return in 2021. One of those upcoming shows is the 2021 North Texas Auto Show in Dallas scheduled for June 24-27 where Kevin McCarthy and I will be broadcasting the Car Pro Show live from the show floor! Click here to sign up for show updates. More show dates are below.  Read More
Honoring Our Fallen Car Show Coming Up April 24
   Published April 15, 2021
I have unapologetically supported our police officers and all first responders for decades. So, I am pleased to invite you to a very special event being held in Corsicana, TX to honor the three Corsicana police officers killed in the line of duty. Ironically, this was started by a Dallas Police Officer named Brent Thompson, who was gunned down in Downtown Dallas during the ambush on July 7, 2016. Five DPD officers were killed that evening.

A group of citizens  Read More
Watch Out For Our First Responders
   Published April 1, 2021
His name was Ronnie Lerma, he served as a police officer in my hometown, Garland, TX. Ronnie was a mountain of a man with a gentle spirit. I had met Ronnie several times at the dealership I owned at the time. I have always been a proud supporter of our first responders. On September 21, 1998, Ronnie stopped a vehicle on I-635 for speeding. As he reached for his ticket book from his motorcycle, he was struck by a van and killed. Ronnie was 39 and left behind a wife and two children. The driver he had pulled over died also.

You may be wondering why I share this with you, and the answer is it didnít need to happen. Odds are good Ronnie would have retired with 30 years on the force, except a driver wasnít paying attention and strayed into the median. Worse, 22 years ago drivers were not nearly as distracted as they are today. Cell phones were not as widely in use, and there was no such thing as texting or answering emails while going down the road.
  Read More
SPECIAL REPORT: Current Used Car Pricing
   Published April 1, 2021
I talked a lot on the Car Pro Show last week about trade-in values. I feel like part of my responsibility to my listeners is to tell you when there are market changes that could benefit you. This sudden spike in trade-in values can save you a ton of money if you have a vehicle to trade.

I spouted a lot of prices on the show last week, and I know that is hard to follow, so thought I would recap for you the vehicles that caught my eye  Read More
A Must Read: Itís The End Of The First Quarter & Big Incentives
   Published March 23, 2021
We are getting close to putting March and the first quarter of 2021 in the history books. It is the last weekend of the month and everything ends next Wednesday, March 31st.

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about getting a new vehicle between now and the end of the year:

The rebates and incentives are incredible right now on just about every vehicle, and this includes lease incentives. However, there is little doubt  Read More
Exclusive Car Pro Approved Products & Services
   Published March 12, 2021
In 18-years on the radio, I can count the number of products I have endorsed on one hand. I have had many opportunities, but after much due diligence, I usually end up saying no.

I wonít recommend a product or service unless I have tried it myself and feel good about recommending it. It is the same with the car dealers on the radio show and website.

Here are companies I wholeheartedly endorse and personally use:
  Read More
Itís The Last Weekend Of February - HUGE Sales Going On In Texas
   Published February 24, 2021
I talked about this on the air last weekend: Texas dealers need to sell a lot of cars, trucks, and SUVs by Monday.

February is a hard month for car dealers anyway, the month is short and often weather is a challenge. However, in all the years I was in the car biz, I never faced the weather Car Pro Show dealers did this month. They lost over a weekís worth of business to snow, and it was statewide.

With the end of February coming on a Sunday,  Read More
A Week With No Power: How a Dodge & Halo Saved Me
   Published February 23, 2021
Honestly, much of it is a blur. I think the power went out a week ago Monday morning February 15th, 2021 but honestly it could have been on Sunday, Valentines Day. The snow started falling days before, a rarity in Texas.

In Texas, we generally get ice, not snow, but this storm brought a combination of the two. I knew there was a chance the power would go off, we were warned by the news that there could be rolling outages. I thought ďOK, I can live  Read More
President's Day Car Sales
   Published February 12, 2021
Automakers, mattress stores, and car dealers always look for a reason to have a sale, and Presidentís Day is no exception.† It is not uncommon to see a short-term spike in factory incentives during holidays like the one coming up this Monday.† Usually when this happens, incentives go up on the Friday before the holiday, and last until the Tuesday afterward.

Car dealers always gear up to sell cars on holidays.† When a lot of people are off work, they tend  Read More
Epic Video Rant: A Look Back To 5 Years Ago This Week
   Published February 10, 2021
Five years ago, on the air, I talked about the carmakers coming off the best year ever for sales and profits, yet were investing millions in other areas besides building great cars. I likened it to my days as the Ford National Dealer Chairman when Fordís then-CEO wasted billions.

Now 5 years later, GM says theyíll invest 27 million dollars in electric vehicles in the next four years, and in that same time period, Ford will invest 29 million dollars.

The lesson: Some things just  Read More
The Automaker Big Game Commercials If You Missed Them
   Published February 10, 2021
It was not much of a game, especially if you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan, but there were some entertaining car commercials. Kia and Hyundai opted out of commercials this year and instead donated money to some youth charities.

This year, the commercial rates during the big game dropped slightly to five million five hundred thousand dollars for thirty-seconds. Many of the commercials were sixty-seconds long, and in some cases, the cost of producing the ad was as much as  Read More
In Spite Of Covid-19 Car Buyers Were Happier In 2020
   Published February 3, 2021
Weíll take a little credit here at CarProUSA for these numbers. After all, our goal is simply to make the car buying process easy, quicker, and more enjoyable. As I have said on the CarProUSA Radio Show several times, if anything good comes out of the pandemic for car buyers, it is that dealers got really good at being flexible with consumers.

According to Cox Automotive, it turns out that during the age of Covid, car buyers have never been happier with  Read More
Understanding Car Dealers vs. Automakers
   Published January 27, 2021
All the years I was a Ford dealership owner, it became clear to me at some point that the perception of consumers was that Ford Motor Company and my Ford dealership were one and the same. The truth is, that could not be further from the truth.

In a nutshell, automakers produce vehicles; dealers sell them to the public, in every case except Tesla, it builds cars and sells them direct to customers, but this is the lone rare exception.

When a customer had a severe problem with a car, I would have to direct him or her to Ford Motor Company if he or she wanted me to buy his or her car back or if he or she wanted to pursue the Lemon Law. Often he or she didnít understand why, and I would have to explain that it was Ford Motor that manufactured the vehicle and is ultimately responsible for it. We didnít have a place in the back where we built cars. As a dealer, my job was to do my best to repair it, and Ford paid me to do so.
  Read More
Help A Car Pro Show Listener Win The Ford Hall Of Fans Contest
   Published January 20, 2021
One of our Car Pro Show listeners is a finalist in the Ford Hall Of Fans Contest and needs our help!

The Ford Hall of Fans, a program that recognizes some of the most passionate NFL fans across the country, is welcoming a new group of football fanatics to its prestigious club.

Six nominees are up for induction into the Ford Hall of Fans at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Dallas Cowboys fan Jamie OíPelt is a customer at Car Pro Dealer Five Star Ford in North Richland Hills,  Read More