True Stories From A Former Car Dealer #36: Old Glory

As the Car Pro Show is a direct extension of me, my personality, and my heart and passions, I always felt like my dealerships should be an extension of me as well. If they weren�t, they would be just another dealership with glass and brick and lots of shiny cars. That just didn�t seem right to me.

I always considered myself to be extremely patriotic. I am not 100% sure what influenced that, perhaps the fact that my Father was a World War II veteran. Regular listeners to the show often hear me praise our troops, our veterans, and our first responders.

My patriotism went to another level after 9/11/2001. In the days and weeks after that horrific event, I was deeply moved by the show of flags everywhere. People flew flags in the back of their pickups; they popped up at homes that didn�t typically fly them, they were everywhere you looked. In fact, it was weeks before you could even buy a flag anywhere.

As someone who has always enjoyed writing, I began writing about September 11 and shared the writings with my employees and some associates. Someone, I don�t recall who, suggested the articles be shared with everyone. I did not want it to appear that I was promoting my dealership, so I thought long and hard about it.