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  • Farewell, Dear Master - From Last Saturday’s Car Pro Show

    Farewell, Dear Master - From Last Saturday’s Car Pro Show

    I shared with the Car Pro listeners the story of the loss of my Gracie.  I called her my “heart dog”.  I’ve had many pups in my life, but occasionally one steals your heart completely.  She was the K9 love of my life.

    During the conversation on the air, Kevin remembered a letter he read on the air 25 or so years ago and I promised to put it in the newsletter this week. I can see why he continues to get requests for it on a regular basis even after all this time.  In this hard time of loss, it was certainly comforting to me.  If you have lost a beloved pet, I hope this brings you some peace.

    My Gracie:



    Farewell, Dear Master,

    You have been my teacher, my friend and most beloved companion. I was like your child, totally dependent on you for all my needs. But I never grew up or moved away as children do, I just grew to love and need you more each day, each month, each year.

    I never went hungry because you fed me dinner and gave me water every day. When the weather was bad I found comfort in the warmth and safety of your house. I delighted you by learning tricks, but what you may not have realized is that I loved learning from you because I lived to please you.

    The touch of your hand stroking my fur made my life worthwhile. Although I barked at noises in the night, the postman’s footsteps, and the ringing of the doorbell; the voice of my master was the one sound that I cherished most.

    Your moods became my moods. When you were sad or lonely, I nuzzled closer to comfort you. There were times you became upset with me because I soiled the carpet, chewed on a piece of furniture, or barked too much. But do not feel bad about those times when you scolded me. I needed to learn right from wrong, and I always understood when things weren’t going your way or when you’d had an unpleasant day at work.

    There is no need for you to harbor guilt or remorse on my behalf. You loved me and blessed me with more happiness than most animals will ever know. Instead of wondering what you could have done differently, remember the funny things I did and the happy times we enjoyed together.

    Though it is hard for you to understand, I was ready to pass on from this life. Our time together was short, but if we’d had fifty years together, you still would have not been ready for me to leave.

    So please, master, share your life with others. Do not refuse the opportunity to give another lucky pet the love you have given me. No animal will ever take my place in your heart, but there is another one who needs you and who will grow to love you as much as I did.

    I am now at peace and I no longer feel pain. You gave me a wonderful home and a happy existence on this earth.

    So please be happy, go on with your life and give your love to others. Although I no longer share your world, I will always live in your heart, and you in mine.

    Farewell, Dear Master

    Rest in peace, dear Gracie, until we meet again.