Recall Roundup: Audi Q7, 2016 BMW M Series, Cadillac CT6, Ford

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The Basics: Audi is preparing to install new seating components in the 2017 Q7 to resolve safety concerns.

The Issue: Internal quality tests uncovered an issue that allows the third row seat back to move forward under load. The behavior violates federal safety guidelines and poses a potential injury risk.

“If the third row seat does not remain in its position, there may be an increased risk of injury to an occupant in the event of a crash,” the automaker warns.

The issue was traced to a lower transverse pipe that was improperly manufactured, weakening the seat structure.

The Fix: Service technicians will install a new support bracket on the questionable pipe to bring its structural rigidity back up to spec.

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The Basics: BMW is preparing to fix a few dozen 2016 M-series cars to replace the rear sub-frame bolts. The recall includes the 2016 M2, M3 and M4, affecting a total of 72 vehicles in the states.

The Issue: The safety recall is related to a service campaign that required the rear sub-frame to be removed for access to the rear differential. The timing appears to coincide with July reports of a sales halt for M cars that shipped with problematic rear differentials. After working on the differential, some service technicians may have reinstalled the sub-frame without new bolts.

“The [repair] instructions did not state to use new rear sub-frame bolts during the repair,” the company wrote in its recall notification. “Consequently, the existing rear sub-frame bolts were possible reused.”

The reused bolts may not achieve the necessary clamping force during reinstallation, potentially loosening over time. BMW suggests a loose or missing bolt could affect vehicle handling and control, however the company is not aware of any related accidents.


The Basics: The 2016 Cadillac CT6 is being recalled after a relatively small batch of vehicles left the factory with a potential seatbelt problem.

The Issue: The bolt that secures the front passenger seatbelt webbing to the seat’s anchor plate may be missing, allowing the webbing to detach from the anchor.

“If the seat belt webbing detaches from the seat anchor, the seat belt may not effectively restrain a belted passenger in a crash, which could increase the risk of injury,” General Motors says.

The assembly screwup was quickly identified and resolved via GM’s Speak Up For Safety program within a span of a few weeks, with just 131 affected vehicles shipped to showrooms. Each vehicle had received rework procedures in the seatbelt assembly area.

The Fix: Service technicians will inspect the components and install a bolt if it is missing. 

Note: Owners are advised not to allow an occupant to sit in the front passenger seat until the recall remedy has been performed.

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The Basics: Ford is recalling 900 2014 Ford Transit Connect vehicles to reinstall panoramic roofs.

The Issue: In the affected vehicles, an improper bond may exist between the panoramic roof and the vehicle body, resulting in wind noise, water leaks and, in some cases, separation from the vehicle. Not a good thing.

Affected vehicles include certain 2014 Transit Connect vehicles built at Valencia Assembly Plant between Oct. 4, 2013 and July 14, 2014. There are approximately 2,592 vehicles affected, including 887 in the United States and 28 in Canada.

Accidents/Deaths: Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this issue.

The Fix: Dealers will remove, clean and reinstall the panoramic roof on affected vehicles at no cost to the customer.

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The Basics: Ford is recalling 74,000 2013-17 Ford Focus hatchback and Ford Focus RS vehicles with manual transmissions to update hatchback interior release software.

The Issue:  In affected vehicles, the rear hatchback can be unlocked and unlatched with a single press of the interior latch release when the vehicle is traveling under than 7 kph (4 mph). The latch release button is located on the left side of the steering column. FMVSS 206 Section 4.3.2 requires two separate actions to unlock the door and operate the interior latch release control mechanism.

There are approximately 73,915 vehicles affected, including 64,038 in the United States and federalized territories and 9,877 in Canada. Affected vehicles with manual transmissions include 2013-17 Ford Focus vehicles built at Michigan Assembly Plant between Feb. 12, 2012 and Aug. 26, 2016; and 2016-17 Ford Focus RS vehicles built at Saarlouis Assembly Plant between Aug. 3, 2015 and Aug. 26, 2016.

Accidents/Deaths: Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries associated with this issue.

The Fix:  Dealers will reprogram the body control module with updated software at no cost to the customer.

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