Recall Roundup: Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo

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The Basics: Fiat Chrysler is preparing to recall 88 Jeep Cherokees to replace the knee airbags.

The Issue:  Some vehicles from the 2017 model year were assembled with a faulty driver’s knee airbag. The airbag inflator, produced by ARC Automotive in Knoxville, may have been manufactured with an improper weld.

“The consequence of improper welds on the KAB inflator and potentially inadequate knee blocker cushion inflation is a potentially compromised safety system with possible additional injuries to the driver in certain types of vehicle crashes,” FCA warns. 

FCA has not publicly cited any injuries related to the issue.

The Fix: Each will receive a new knee airbag to prevent failures.


The Basics: Mercedes-Benz is expanding its recall program to fix misaligned headlights. It will now add certain S-Class and GLE-Class vehicles to the recall list.

The Issue:  The first repair campaign was disclosed in July for a small batch of SLK, SL and SL63 AMG cars that may have left the factory with misaligned headlights.

The Basics: The company blamed a misaligned headlight calibration tool, which may have adjusted the low-beam to incorrect specifications.  

“If the low-beam headlights are out of adjustment, the driver’s visibility may be reduced, increasing the risk of a crash,” the recall notification warns.

Notes: More recent documents submitted to the NHTSA appear to confirm that the same problem may also exist in the 2016-2017 S550 Coupe, S63 AMG Coupe, S65 AMG Coupe, S63 AMG Convertible, GLE 300d, GLE 350 and GLE 400.

Mercedes-Benz claims the misaligned headlights don’t constitute a safety defect, but the company acknowledges he vehicles may not be compliant with federal safety regulations.

The Fix: Service technicians will check re-aim the headlight assemblies if there is an issue.


The Basics:  Volvo is recalling about 74,000 U.S. vehicles for an issue that might cause a seat belt to inadequately restrain passengers in a crash. The recall impacts each Volvo S60, S90, V60, XC60 and XC90 vehicles from the 2016-17 model years.

The Issue: Volvo says the issue is caused by a connecting pin in the seat belt buckle, which could cause the seat belt to work inadequately during a crash. The automaker says the move is “mainly precautionary,” with no incidents reported.

The Fix: Volvo sent out a recall notice on Oct. 28. Dealers will inspect vehicles and replace the part that’s the problem if needed. Vehicles still in inventory have already been inspected.

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