Red Cars Attract More Bird Poop – Car Pro News

Birds are more likely to bomb bright red vehicles than other colors, according to a British study reported in the Daily Mail.

The researchers tallied vehicles in five U.K. cities and found red vehicles most marked with bird droppings — 18% of them — the report said.

The color with least appeal for birds: green, at 1%.

The birds’ greatest hits by color:
• Red: 18%
• Blue: 14%
• Black: 11%
• White: 7%
• Grey/Silver: 3%
• Green: 1%
The analysis of more than 1,100 vehicles in Brighton, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol, commissioned by car accessory chain Halfords, offered no scientific reason why birds see red when they see a red car.
Based on my experience, I’d guess U.K. owners of red vehicles wash their cars more often than other owners. A freshly detailed car is a sure way to attract birds — and bring rain.


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