Report: Dodge Charger, Challenger Redesign Plans Delayed


We’ve have good news if you like the current generation Dodge Charger and Challenger and bad news if you were ready for a change. It sounds like Fiat Chrysler is putting a platform swap on hold. This means Alfa Romeo Guilia based muscle cars may not roll out until 2021, instead of 2018.

The current rear-wheel LX platform will reportedly soldier on longer than expected according to a report in Automotive News. The same is true for the Chrysler 300 as well, if the sedan even sticks around at all.  The news comes via a union contract letter in Canada. It released vague details as it explained the company’s new four-year labor contract with the Canadian auto workers union Unifor.

The plan had been for the Challenger and Charger to adopt the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s Giorgio platform for the 2019 model year. That platform could also underpin a rumored Dodge Barracuda convertible as well.

Automotive News also reports that FCA boss Sergio Marchionne recently sang the praises of the Giorgio platform in a conference call obtained

“I think it’s proven out to be all and more than we expected, and I think its utilization across a wide range of applications within the group is probably the most beneficial thing we’ve done from a technical development here in a long time,” said Marchionne.

The delay isn’t totally surprising. Fiat Chrysler never seems to be in a hurry to change things. So its vehicles always seem to age before they really get a reboot. For example, Dodge will now likely keep the current generation Ram 1500 around even when the new one comes along. Essentially they’ll be selling them both at the same time for awhile anyway so Ram can keep up its fleet sales.

If there is a delay in the Giorgio platform, the silver lining is that we will likely see an LX-platform vehicle styling refresh in 2018.

Photo Credit: FCA
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