Report: New Teen Driving Study Points Finger at Parents

chevrolet teen driver

Next week is Teen Driving Safety Week. To kick things off, the American Automobile Association is out with a new teen driving study that points a big finger at parents.

The study, which surveyed driving instructors, found many parents lacking in the driving education department. Researchers report 65 percent of instructors say parents today are worse at preparing their teens to drive than they were a decade ago. This could have something to with the fact teens learn by example. AAA says 77 percent of drivers aged 35-55 admit they talk on cell phone while driving, compared to 68 percent of teen drivers.

Teen driving safety is a big issue, because motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death of teens in America.

  • Teenage drivers have higher rates of crashes per driver and per mile driven than any drivers of any other age group.
  • An estimated 970,000 young drivers aged 16 – 19 were involved in police reported crashes in 2014.

The study also spotlights the three top deadly mistakes teens make when learning to drive.

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Not properly scanning the road for hazards

AAA researchers say there are bunch of things parents can do to help keep their teen safe on the road. 

  • Have conversations early and regularly about the dangers of speeding and distraction.
  • Take time to practice driving with their teens in varying conditions.
  • Adopt and enforce a parent-teen driving agreement that sets family rules for the road.
  • Lead by example and minimizing distractions and speeding when they are driving.

Click here for an AAA list of select teen driving laws by state.

Photo Credit: Chevrolet
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