Report: VW May Have Diesel Emission Software Fix Soon

VW Diesel 2015 Golf TDI Engine Goodwill

Volkswagen has a plan to fix its deceptive emissions software and could start recalling 11 million diesels worldwide as soon as October.

Tuesday, Bloomberg reported that VW is working on the technical steps to refit the diesel vehicles – which includes more than 2 million Audis – that contain the illegal emission-control software. No official word though on how exactly this might make them comply with emissions regulations or impact vehicles’ fuel efficiency

VW says it will contact customers “in the next few weeks and months” about planned measures. U.S. customers can also go to a website it’s set up for them to get the latest information.

Meanwhile, in Germany the government’s playing hardball and has set an Oct 7th deadline for Volkswagen to come up with its fix, otherwise it will pull its cars off the road entirely. VW has about 2.8 million diesels on the road in its home market. In Sweden, prosecutors are considering opening an investigation into potential corruption.

Worldwide, the recall will affect models fitted with group’s EA 189 diesel engines, including 5 million at VW brand, 2.1 million at Audi, 1.2 million at Skoda and 1.8 million light commercial vehicles. VW’s Spanish unit, Seat, today said that 700,000 of its diesel models are affected.

All Tuesday, CNBC reported that Volkswagen will be dropped from a leading sustainability index next month in the wake of the scandal. Some analysts even fear this could result in sustainability rankings risk losing credibility as a result of the Volkswagen debacle.

Linda Greer with the U.S.-based environmental advocacy group National Resources Defense Council told CNBC that the Volkswagen scandal will severely tarnish the entire corporate social responsibility movement and “may take a few environmental certification and sustainability ranking systems down with it.”

Meanwhile, VW Group’s new CEO Matthias Mueller says his “most urgent” task would be to win back trust for VW, promising “maximum transparency.”

Photo Credit: Volkswagen
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