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2013 Subaru Tribeca: Stylish, Powerful, VersatileSubaru has decided that it’s the end of the line for its unpopular midsize crossover SUV. I am a big fan of Subaru, and Tribeca was a real sleeper. I can’t help but think this SUV could have made it with better marketing.
Subaru spokeswoman Jessica Tullman confirmed that model-year 2014 will be the Tribeca’s last.
Production will end in January, and deliveries to retailers will end in February. The Tribeca historically has been a weak spot in Subaru’s lineup; Tullman said that the automaker has only sold 78,000 of them since it debuted in 2005. In comparison, Subaru sold 90,073 units of its Outback compact crossover during the first nine months of 2013; only 1,247 Tribecas were sold in that same timeframe.
The automaker isn’t exiting the midsize SUV segment completely, however. “The company has announced that it plans to return to the midsize SUV segment with a three-row vehicle in the future,” Tullman said.


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