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The famous Risky Business Porsche 928 — one that didn’t drown in Lake Michigan — is on the auction block.
A Los Angeles auction called Profiles in History will sell the 928 that the auction house says got the most screen time in the 1983 Warner Bros. movie Risky Business, starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay. The car is one of several movie cars to be sold as part of the auction’s Hollywood segment July 30 and 31.
Besides a gander at the then-exotic 928, the “luxury touring” Porsche, the movie gave people a look at rather more of De Mornay than 1980s moviegoers were used to. She was a prostitute with a heart of gold that young Cruise, as Joel Goodsen, took home while his parents weren’t around.
More famous than either De Mornay’s body or the 928’s, though, is the indelible image of Cruse in his socks and a shirt pretending to play a guitar and sing.
There have been uncounted reprises of that scene, including takes by leggy supermodel Heidi Klum, baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez and Ronald Reagan Jr., whose dad was president when Ron hosted the TV show Saturday Night Live and performed a version of the Cruise routine.
During a make-out scene in the movie, De Mornay’s character bumped the manual-transmission 928 gearshift into neutral and it rolled into Lake Michigan. In real life, that would be hard to do without also pushing down the clutch pedal at the same time. Who knows, perhaps that’s exactly what Cruise’s character was doing?
The so-called dumper car for that scene was a gutted junker used just to drown. Three other 928s were in the movie:
• 1981 with automatic transmission.
• 1978 with manual transmission, used for the interior shots when De Mornay bumped it out of gear.
• 1979 manual, the one being auctioned. Cruise learned to drive a stick shift on that car, the movie’s producer, Jon Avnet, has said.
Here’s what the auctioneers say about the 928 on the block:
• The car’s odometer reads 102,755 miles and it is in operating condition.
• This car was on exhibit at the Forney Museum of Transportation in Denver in 2009 and many Porsche enthusiasts have called this the most famous Porsche 928 in the world.
• It is estimated to fetch $40,000 – $60,000.
Though the 928 model looks unfortunately like an AMC Pacer, it nonetheless was a marvel of fast comfort at the time. A water-cooled, aluminum V-8, generous back seat (by Porsche sports car standards) and strange, pop-up headlights gave it enough cachet to at least partly overcome Porsche fans’ resistance to cars that didn’t use air-cooled engines, didn’t have the engine in back, and tried to suggest that luxury and high-performance might actually be a good marriage.


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