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The sons of auto magnate Roger Penske were arrested early last Thursday on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts on suspicion of a break-in, according to a Nantucket newspaper.
Police were called to the Nantucket Yacht Club after two women flagged them down and said they observed Jay Penske, owner of the IndyCar team Dragon Racing, urinating in the parking lot and confronted them, the paper quoted the police report as saying. The newspaper reported that both men ran to the house on the Yacht Club property.
Police said they caught Jay Penske as he was trying to run away from the club and later found his brother Mark at an employee apartment after he fell down a staircase, the paper said, quoting the police report.
Police interviewed the occupants of the yacht club’s employee apartment, and based upon those interviews, decided to file breaking and entering charges against the Penskes, the paper said.
Both men, who are not members of the yacht club, were arrested and spent the night locked up, according to the paper.
They were arraigned on charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime with intent to commit a misdemeanor, then released on personal recognizance.
Pretrial hearings were set for Aug. 20, the newspaper said.

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  1. Doug 6 years ago

    When you gotta go, you gotta go!

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