Rolls-Royce Emerald Embellished Dawn and Bespoke Wraith


I’m going to live in my own dream world for the next few minutes as I imagine myself in both of these two new drop-dead gorgeous Rolls-Royce Bespoke editions.  (Why choose just one, it is my dream after all.)

Rolls-Royce just unveiled the Bespoke Wraith and the emerald embellished Dawn droptop. And yes, there are real emeralds involved. They’re both inspired by the island of Porto Cervo in Italy.

Emerald Embellished Dawn

The Dawn Drophead Coupe was inspired by Porto Cervo’s seascape.

It’s a gorgeous emerald green color. Inside, designers gave it a seashell and green leather interior. Open-pore teak keeps the marine theme going. A Bespoke teak boot floor mat rests in the luggage compartment.

But back to those emeralds.

Precious emeralds and mother of pearl are set into white gold and presented on the fascia. They are in shape of the emblem of Porto Cervo.

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is the automaker’s first new Drophead Coupe in decades. It starts around $335,000.


Bespoke Wraith

The Bespoke Wraith gets its inspiration from the dusk and twilight hours of Porto Cervo.

Designers started with a two-tone silver exterior. When you open the coach doors, I hope you like the color purple. There is a lot of it, plus some slate and black, too. The cabin also features ostrich leather.

The Wraith is the marque’s most powerful motor car with a V12 engine good for 623-horses.


Photo Credit: Rolls-Royce
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