Say Hello to Lincoln ‘Black Label’

With the posh surroundings of Monterey, CA during the Pebble Beach week as a backdrop, Lincoln has unveiled its new personalization and luxury service brand, called Lincoln Black Label.

Following in the footsteps of programs like BMW Individual, Range Rover Autobiography, and many more, Black Label is a strategic strike, aimed at upping Lincoln’s brand cachet while luring new customers into the fold. Speaking about this at the Black Label’s introduction in California, Jim Farley, Ford’s executive vice president of Global Marketing, Sales and Service and Lincoln, told members of the media “at Lincoln, our flagship is, you get to choose. That’s our flagship.”

While Black Label customers will benefit from concierge-like service from their dealers – both during the sale process and throughout ownership – the focus of the introduction is strongly focused on interior design.

Lincoln chose its current MKZ sedan and its MKC Concept crossover as the debutants for Black Label treatment for good reason: the well-received MKC points the way forward for Lincoln styling as a whole, and the MKZ will be the first production vehicle to receive the option of the high-zoot interior design. We’re told that eventually, Black Label treatment will be available for the full Lincoln lineup, but the MKZ will be the initial recipient, and not until late in 2014 according to the company’s current projections.

That we have to wait so long for the high-end MKZs is a bit of a head scratcher, but the Black Label interior treatments do make for compelling furniture. Designers have focused on creating evocative environs, using fairly dramatic color and contrast, and through the use of premium leathers, Alcantara and natural woods. The resultant three interior treatments for the MKZ are dubbed Modern Heritage, Indulgence and Center Stage.

Photo Credit: Lincoln

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