Say Goodbye To Ice Clumps On Your Wiper Blades

ford wiper blades

Winter may be all but over for most of us. But that’s not keeping Ford from talking about its latest new Ford Escape feature. Windshield wiper blades that heat up and melt ice all by themselves.

Ford simply calls it the Windshield Wiper De-Icer and, at first, the feature will only be available on the new 2017 Ford Escape Titanium and SE models.

There’s no real rocket science behind it. It works much like traditional rear window defrost systems. Ford is using a heating element in the glass beneath the wiper blades that heats them up, melting snow and ice in under 10 minutes at minus 18 degrees Fahrenheit. The end result? No more pesky ice chunks stuck to the blades.

Ford says drivers can even activate the system remotely using SYNC Connect and their smartphone.

The Escape will be the first Ford SUV in the states to get the special Cold Weather Package feature. The package also includes all-weather floor mats, heated side mirrors and seats, along with a supplemental powertrain conditioning heater.

All in all, Ford is loading up its 2017 Escape with new technology, including the new SYNC Connect system that allows drivers to unlock and lock their doors, start engine, even locate vehicle through smartphone app.

The new model also receives a host of new driver assist technologies like enhanced active park assist, lane-keeping,  adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning. That’s on top of one of our must-have features, blind spot monitoring, which is already offered.

The new 2017 Ford Escape goes on sale this spring.

Photo Credit: Ford


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