September U.S. National Auto Sales Results (Including GM)

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You’ll see the doom and gloom headlines of how horrible new auto sales were in September, down a whopping 5.6%.  Many articles, however, don’t mention the surge in sales last September because of Hurricane Harvey, when a half million cars were totaled.  This will mean trying to keep up with the hurricane-related sales will be difficult.

For me, September staying that close to last year was good news, considering the tragedy in South Texas.  When you plunge that many people into the car market at once, there is no way the stats can adjust.

It is pretty clear, too, that GM drug the numbers down for the third quarter, but of course nobody in the auto industry had any forewarning, we just get this unpleasant surprise because GM made the idiotic decision to only report auto sales four times per year, unlike the other automakers that report monthly.

When all was said and done, including the elusive General Motors’ numbers, there were 1,420,000 new vehicles sold this September and 1,505,000 sold in the same month a year ago.


There were some noticeable achievements, however:

  • Fiat Chrysler was up 15% and sold enough vehicles to top Ford for the month of September.  This was the first time in over three years.
  • General Motors’ third-quarter sales were down a substantial 11% in the third quarter versus the same time a year ago, once they reported their sales.
  • Ford sales for September were down 11% from a year ago.
  • Toyota sales were down 10%, Nissan was off 12%, and Honda fell 7%.

Here are your winners and losers for September 2018, versus September 2017:


  • BMW was up 1.3%
  • Alfa was up 29% to 1639 sales
  • Dodge was up a whopping 40.6%
  • Jeep was up 14.1%
  • Ram was up 9.2%
  • Acura was up.4.4%
  • Hyundai was up 3%
  • Land Rover was up 8.7%
  • McLaren was up 52% to 142 sales
  • Subaru was up 3.5%
  • Volvo was up 10.3%
  • Bentley was up 5.8% to 165 sales
  • Porsche was up 1%


  • Mini was down 7.4%
  • Chrysler was down 6.8%
  • Fiat was down 46% to 1185 sales
  • Maserati was down 15%
  • Ford was down 11.5%
  • GM was down 5%
  • Lincoln was down 7.2%
  • Honda was down 8.2%
  • Genesis was down 75% to just 419 sales
  • Kia was down 1.8%
  • Mazda was down 17%
  • Mercedes-Benz was down 4.6%
  • Smart was down 59% to just 98 sales
  • Mitsubishi was down 8.6%
  • Nissan was down 13.3%
  • Infiniti was down 1.6%
  • Lexus was down 6%
  • Toyota was down 11%
  • VW was down 4%

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  1. Art Spafford Jr 2 weeks ago


    I never thought I’d say it; however, likely with the 2020 model year and the rollouts of additional electric vehicles, I think I’m in. My next car will be an EV. Old dog, new trick? I think so?

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s show. Have a great weekend.

    Art Spafford Jr.
    Oceanside, CA

    • Car Pro 2 weeks ago

      Thanks for the kind words Art. When ready, let me know. I am watching Tesla closely but have concerns about their long term viability.

      I appreciate you listening!

      Jerry Reynolds, President
      Car Pro Radio Network

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