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What can you say about a convertible that has sold so poorly that you could have three sightings of actress Jennifer Garner in star-crazed Los Angeles before you see a single Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet? This is the only vehicle I can recall that I refused to review. Not just because it is ugly, but because nobody ever asks me about it.

So how rare are they? That’s the question postured by pricing and sales guru Jessica Caldwell, who cites the Garner/CrossCab sighting ratio from experience. She was so excited about spying a CrossCab — “it was like a unicorn sighting” — that it got her to scouting around about just how badly the car has sold.

The CrossCab was an ill-fated attempt to see if a crossover could be made into a convertible. It turns out that it can be done, but not many people will buy one. Autodata shows that Nissan has sold 908 CrossCabriolets in the U.S. through May of this year. It doesn’t help matters that the CrossCab was named by as one of the ugliest cars on the road and that it’s relatively expensive, starting at $44,540.

Caldwell delves further. Her research shows that there are 107 CrossCabs registered in California, out of 29.3 million registrations, and that CrossCabs sell better in Wyoming than in Hawaii. In Hawaii, there is one, and though the CrossCab has few buyers, they’re well-off, with incomes of more than $100,000.

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  1. Mike Cullinan 6 years ago

    I wonder if the Murano convertible would have been better as a four-door model. It’s big and I would suspect has lots of interior room–and a four-door convertible would have been unique to the current car world. I have seen very few advertisements about the Murano, so I am wondering if Nissan is happy with it as well.

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