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A growing number of new cars are selling close to the same price as a new one, Kelley Blue Book reports.
The gap between new- and used-vehicle pricing in many segments has narrowed significantly. New vehicles are now selling on average for only 11.5% more than a comparable 1-year-old used car, KBB says.
Used subcompact and compact cars only offer consumers an average savings between 5% and 7% percent. Used hybrid cars and mid-size crossovers are within 3% to 4% of an equivalent new vehicle.
The shrinkage of the price gap defies what buyers usually expect…that they can save thousands by buying a rental car being booted from the fleet or other slightly used car. KBB’s study calls into question whether it’s worth buying slightly used, instead of new.
The difference varies by model. A new 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser lists for $28,500, only $244 more than a used one. A new 2012 Ford Focus is $3,000 on average less than a 2011 version, but the 2012 was all-new and vastly improved.
The vehicle in which the used price is closest to new? That would be the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro, which has an average price of only $126 less than the cost of a new 2012 model.


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