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BMW has a wonderful boast that not many can say in the car world: it’s sold out.
Sold out, that is, when it comes to a single special version, the V-12 “25 Years Edition” 760Li sedan. There were only 15 up for sale, and dealers reported this week that a prospective owner has claimed every one. Boom. Just like that. At $159,695 a crack.
Granted, there aren’t many V-12 engines left in this world. This 12-cylinder pumps out 535 horsepower with the help of twin turbos, good for zero to 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. Journalists report they are just as breathtaking in their smoothness and amazing power as they are in their thirst for premium fuel.
The 25th anniversary refers to the first time, in 1987, that BMW offered the V-12 in its flagship sedan. Nostalgia buffs who plunked down the big bucks for the 25th anniversary edition get more than a hulking engine. The car features “Champagne full Merino leather” and head rests emblazoned “25th edition,” lest you forget.
Makes you wonder what they’ll do for the 50th anniversary, doesn’t it?


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