Special Edition Challenger Celebrates Mopar’s 80th

2017 mopar dodge challenger

If you’re getting confused by the crazy editions of the Challenger take a deep breath. Because Dodge is creating a new limited edition Challenger. This one celebrates the 80th birthday of its Mopar division.

Despite the cars industries tendency to misuse the word ‘limited,’ these model really will be. Dodge will only make 160 total. These will be divided in half by two different paint schemes and 80 will be made of each. The same number of years Mopar is celebrating.

The first 80 are Billet Silver. The rest, Contusion Blue. (Contusion as in a bruise. How that name fits a celebration model is, quite simply, beyond us.)

That said, both silver and blue use a dual paint color scheme. Pitch Black makes the second color for both. It gets hand painted on the upper half of the limited models.

The Mopar models are based off the 92 Shaker package. Aside from the fancy paint, they also add on some unique tweaks. They get the Mopar 392 decal on the fenders. Beneath these are 20-inch wheels in alloy with semi-gloss accenting.

Beneath the Shaker performance scoop hood, it carries a 6.4-liter engine. This engine comes from the SRT and Scat Pack. It creates 485-horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque. Still the rating could be slightly different for the Mopar model. Because they get more ventilation with the shaker scoop and the headlamp intakes from the Hellcat. Six-speed manual transmission with rear wheel drive makes up the rest of the powertrain.

Unique cabin details are minor but nice. It starts off with Mopar embroidering on the backrests of the performance seats. A closer comparison to other Challengers shows these get special silver accent stitching. Each one also gets a serial number badge in the cabin.

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What does the model do for you when you’re not in it? Well aside from looking fantastic in your driveway, parking spot, and garage, you also get a little gift. Each lucky buyer gets a little care box. The box holds a booklet, signed rendering, keychain, extra badge, and a certificate. The certificate shows the production date of your one of 160 Challenger.

Of course, the small production number plus all the fancy features add up to a bucket of dough. If you want to get yourself behind one of these babes wheels you’ll need at least $56,885. Over a hefty $10 grand more than the 392 Scat Pack Shaker. That model starts at $44,890.

You can get the Scat Pack Shaker now. However, the wait for the Mopar limited edition is short with it coming out in the spring.

 Photo Credit: Dodge
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