Stick Figures on Your Minivan: Annoying, Potentially Dangerous

stick figuresBesides being annoying to some people, yours truly included, your car or minivan could be putting you, your family and your home at risk. This warning is over something you have on your car, something you probably see dozens of every day.

As a mother of three, Reanna Walser and her family are always on the run. She has stick figure stickers of herself, her husband and three children on her vehicle, as do many families.

“It’s just a reminder of my family,” Walser said. “We’re all together right now … before they all get big and move out.”

Investigators say that reminder is the reason why families are falling victim. Police departments nationwide are using social media to warn of the dangers of these and other bumper stickers.

One example uses stickers depicting a military family. The father is never home; he’s overseas. The son plays football, and it’s likely his mother takes him to practice after school, giving criminals ample time to raid their home.

“It does make me think twice. Luckily, I don’t have a lot of bumper stickers to say where my kids go to school,” Walser said. “Still, knowing what family members are in my house, knowing that I could have a girl in there or a little boy is kind of scary.”

As always, police say be careful about what you post on social media, too. Don’t give away too much personal information for criminals who might be lurking.


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